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Our Cleaning Services

We provide an exceptional cleaning service for any job of any size. No matter what you need and how frequently you need it – we will provide you with the best job possible every visit! Call Our tri city cleaners today! 


We are a leading Commercial/Industrial cleaning company and we serve businesses of all sizes.

Business & Banks

At Quality Cleaning, we provide quality services for Business and Financial Institutions.

Medical & Dental

At Quality Cleaning, we make sure your facility will receive a hospital-grade level of cleanliness.

Government & State

We understand government facilities require extensive focus and attention to detail in their buildings for all staff and our community.

School Facilities

At Quality Cleaning, we know kids are always a priority, and we make sure they have a safe and healthy environment.


With the growing numbers of travelers from all over the world, we know providing high-quality cleaning and disinfecting is not an option, it’s a must.

Retail Facilities

At Quality Cleaning we know making the best first impression and providing a clean environment for shoppers is a must.

Disinfection technique

Quality Cleaning has partnered with local environmental specialists and first responders to fight COVID19 and infectious diseases.


Cleaning solutions that maintain quality and environmental safety.

Our cleaners know which products are best for what types of dirt, dust, and residue. They also know the best strategies to use in different industrial spaces.

Business & Banks

Give your financial institution a professional look that inspires trust and confidence.

In any industry, first impressions matter. This is especially true for the financial industry, where a great first impression can make a lasting impression on a potential customer.

Medical & Dental

Ensure the highest level of cleanliness in your healthcare facility.

Cleaning is more important in medical areas than anywhere else. Strict cleaning and high-quality hygiene are essential for staff safety and patient safety in doctors’ offices, surgical centers, dental practices, and all other medical facilities.

Government & State

We must ensure that there is a safe, healthy, and pleasant environment for our communities.

Any government facility that requires day-to-day cleaning must have smooth and efficient operations. Quality Cleaning offers professional cleaning services for government facilities in federal, state, and municipal jurisdictions. We offer well-appointed cleans at a cost-friendly rate.

School Facilities

A team that is familiar with the school’s cleaning requirements will help you achieve a better grade.

We are ready to assist you in fulfilling your responsibility to ensure that your teachers and students have a safe, clean, and comfortable learning environment. We will protect your school from the spread of viruses and germs while keeping it clean.


Our cleaning system enables airlines and airports to offer safer and more enjoyable air travel experiences for passengers.

It’s becoming more difficult than ever to maintain a low level of congestion while maintaining safety, efficiency, and comfort. There is constant investment in airport infrastructure upgrades, the pressure to continually improve, and the increasing number of passengers who travel through airports every day. 


It can make all of the difference to have a great first impression.

Retail is all about details. Details like how clean your bathrooms are or whether your floors are neat. It can make all of the difference to have a great first impression.

Our Working Process


Based on on-site visits and assessments, we tailor a Quality Cleaning plan for you.


 After the assessment we provide a custom quote to meet your needs.


We make sure you are 100% satisfied with our performance, and we guarantee our work.

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"The staff is always friendly and professional. They take pride in their company and display a commitment to providing excellent service."
Shirley T
Richland, WA
"It has been a delightful experience to have Quality Cleaning maintain our business…not only are they timely in arriving…they are timely in completing their job and do it with pride."
Larry M.
Richland, WA
"Thank you very much for your services! Your cleaners are thorough, spotless, and pay attention to the details when cleaning our business. Thanks again!"
Kathy B.
Yakima, WA

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