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We are a leading Commercial cleaning salt lake city/Industrial cleaning service and we serve businesses of all sizes.


Business & Banks

At Quality Cleaning, we provide a high grade of cleaning service for Businesses & Financial institutions


Medical & Dental

At Quality Cleaning, we make sure your facility will receive a hospital-grade level of cleanliness.


Government & State

We know government facilities require top-quality cleaning for the people and communities.


School Facilities

At Quality Cleaning, we know kids are always a priority, and we make sure they have a safe and healthy environment.



With the growing numbers of travelers, we know providing high-Quality Cleaning is not an option it is a must.


Retail Facilities

At Quality Cleaning we know making the best first impression is a must when you have customers coming to you.


Disinfection technique

Quality Cleaning has partnered with First Responders to fight COVID19 together.

Quality Cleaning


Discover the difference with your trusted Cleaning Expert in Salt Lake City, UT offering top-notch industrial and commercial cleaning Salt Lake City, UT. Don’t let the everyday wear and tear tarnish the appearance of your warehouse or office space. When faced with challenges like moisture, unpleasant odors, or stubborn grime that your regular janitorial team can’t handle, turn to Quality Cleaning Utah for solutions.

Unmatched excellence. Quality Cleaning is your go-to partner for all cleaning needs, whether it’s revitalizing carpets and floors through deep cleaning or banishing lingering odors. Let us elevate the aesthetics of your warehouse or workspace to new heights.


Quality Cleaning offers comprehensive industrial cleaning service Salt Lake City, covering warehouses and front offices alike. Our specialists prioritize cleanliness and positivity in your facility, adapting to your schedule for maximum productivity.

We recognize the safety needs of manufacturing and distribution plants, customizing training to meet strict safety standards. Our expert janitorial team ensures clean, safe environments, safeguarding employee health and morale with top-notch service.

Medical & Dental

Rely on the Industry Leader in Healthcare Cleaning Services

Quality Cleaning prioritizes safe, healthy, and comfortable environments for patients and staff. Our meticulous approach guarantees top-notch cleanliness in healthcare facilities. With expertise and tools, we ensure consistent results, catering to hospitals and medical offices alike.

Our cleaning program, centered around patients, provides an exceptional level of cleanliness.

Ensuring patient satisfaction remains our priority. Through our innovative Patient-Centered Cleaner Program, we facilitate a welcoming and pristine environment for your patients.

Our exclusive Patient-Centered Cleaning Program offers support in these areas:

We uphold uncompromising standards in our healthcare cleaning procedures.

Our cleaning and disinfection protocols adhere to industry-leading best practices and procedures. Let our Salt Lake City cleaning service handle your daily cleaning and disinfection needs, allowing you to focus on patient care. The Patient-Centered Cleaning Program is designed to incorporate best practices and procedures outlined by industry experts.


School Facilities

Ensuring safe, sanitary, and conducive learning environments is paramount for schools in Salt Lake City, Utah, whether they’re elementary schools or universities. Students deserve to concentrate on their studies without exposure to harmful bacteria or germs. Quality Cleaning employs a systematic approach to cleaning educational facilities, safeguarding the health of students and staff alike. Our services, including daily cleaning and high-level disinfection, are tailored to meet your specific needs and regulatory requirements. With over 60 years of combined experience in cleaning educational buildings, our experts are well-versed in the unique demands of these spaces. Our janitorial services in Salt Lake City, Utah, are flexible, offering cleaning options over the weekend or at night to ensure the safety and cleanliness of schools for both students and teachers.


In Salt Lake City, Utah, children as young as 3 years old can inadvertently spread germs, emphasizing the importance of safety and cleanliness. Quality Cleaning provides thorough cleaning services tailored for daycare centers and preschools. Our team of experts specializes in cleaning all areas, from hallways and classrooms to bathrooms, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for young children.


Clean schools play a vital role in reducing student and teacher sick days while improving the overall learning atmosphere. In Salt Lake City, Utah, Quality Cleaning offers professional school cleaning services to accomplish this goal. By entrusting us with the cleaning responsibilities, students and teachers can focus more effectively on their educational pursuits.


In Salt Lake City, Utah, a clean and well-kept learning environment benefits students, faculty, staff, and volunteers alike. Our university cleaning professionals are highly skilled in cleaning frequently used areas, including offices, science labs, classrooms, and other public spaces.

Our school cleaning services aim to safeguard both staff and students from the spread of bacteria and germs within your facility. Quality Cleaning specializes in cleaning such establishments, recognizing the uniqueness of each facility and providing tailored attention.

With extensive industry experience, our school cleaning specialists target hotspots to minimize cross-contamination, ensuring everyone enjoys a healthy and safe environment.


Airport Cleaning

Quality Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City, Utah provides comprehensive support to clients across various sectors, including aviation. Cleaning airports demands extensive expertise, which our dedicated airport cleaning team possesses. We meticulously clean both interior and exterior spaces, recognizing the significance of airport traffic. Safety remains our paramount concern throughout every operation.

Quality Cleaning Services is equipped to handle the cleaning needs of airlines and airports. We employ products and techniques that will ensure that your company is compliant with all industry regulations.

Learn more about our cleaning services in the aviation industry.


Despite the increasing fuel costs, the expense of flying commercially continues to decline in Salt Lake City, Utah. The commercial aviation industry is fiercely competitive, with passengers being highly discerning. Passengers make airline selections based on their overall journey experience. Quality Cleaning stands as a valuable ally for your airline, enhancing passenger satisfaction. With Quality Cleaning on board, we can swiftly expand our operations across various services. We take pride in our adherence to global best practices, ensuring operational efficiency. Our commitment to service excellence also aligns with aircraft turnaround times. Our skilled and amiable workforce ensures smooth operations for your aircraft, passengers, and luggage. Through meticulous interior detailing and compassionate assistance, we keep everything moving seamlessly.

Business & Bank Facilities


For your convenience, our cleaning experts will personally visit your premises in janitorial services Salt Lake City, Utah. Following the consultation, we’ll tailor a cleaning regimen to your exact specifications. To minimize disruption, we accommodate your business hours for seamless service delivery.

Whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning, we’re available at your preferred frequency. Rest assured, our commitment to your financial institution’s cleanliness doesn’t entail exorbitant costs. Our top-tier cleaning services guarantee a professional ambiance that instills confidence and trust. Financial institutions in Salt Lake City, demand superior cleaning standards, necessitating the expertise of qualified commercial cleaners from Salt Lake City carpet cleaning and any surface. Recognizing the unique cleaning and security requisites, we ensure meticulous attention to detail.

Our commercial cleaning services prioritize your institution’s safety and security, with franchise owners overseeing operations onsite. Uniformed cleaners with clearly visible ID tags uphold professionalism and accountability, setting the standard for excellence.

Government Facilities

The government buildings are a service to the community

This civic duty drives significant foot traffic to the facility, necessitating a safe and healthy environment for all visitors. Quality Cleaning understands the unique cleaning requirements of each building, whether it’s a courthouse, public library, fire station, police station, or any other government facility. We tailor customized cleaning and janitorial plans to fit your budget and specific needs.

Cutting-edge cleaning solutions and techniques

Ensuring thorough cleaning methods for government buildings is essential for promptly preparing your facility for guests and visitors. Quality Cleaning guarantees swift, high-quality results through top-notch products and meticulous processes. We offer flexible cleaning schedules to accommodate your convenience and adhere to the best practices of esteemed governmental agencies like the FDA, EPA, and CDC. With our electronic timekeeping and documented inspection systems, you can trust in consistent quality every time.


Creating a positive first impression can be crucial.

In retail, attention to detail is paramount. Elements like the cleanliness of your bathrooms and floors significantly impact first impressions.

We assist you in creating an exceptional shopping experience.

It can make all of the difference to have a great first impression.

Your clientele anticipates top-tier shopping encounters, be it online or in-store. Dissatisfied with the atmosphere, in-person shoppers swiftly depart. Meeting such expectations, retailers must prioritize facility upkeep. Quality Cleaning serves as your retail maintenance ally, enabling you to concentrate on sales, shipping, and inventory flow.

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