We Are The Premier Quality Cleaning Service In IDAHO


We Are The Premier Quality Cleaning Service In IDAHO

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We are a leading Commercial/Industrial cleaning company and we serve businesses of all sizes.


Business & Banks

At Quality Cleaning, we provide a high grade of service for Businesses & Financial institutions


Medical & Dental

At Quality Cleaning, we make sure your facility will receive a hospital-grade level of cleanliness.


Government & State

We know government facilities require top-quality cleaning for the people and communities.


School Facilities

At Quality Cleaning, we know kids are always a priority, and we make sure they have a safe and healthy environment.



With the growing numbers of travelers, we know providing high-Quality Cleaning is not an option it is a must.


Retail Facilities

At Quality Cleaning we know making the best first impression is a must when you have customers coming to you.


Disinfection technique

Quality Cleaning has partnered with First Responders to fight COVID19 together.

Quality Cleaning


Your janitorial companies in idaho  Professional can provide excellent cleaning services for your commercial cleaning needs. We know that keeping your workspace clean and healthy is always a priority. We also know that managing a business requires lots of effort, and having a great partner working for you is always great. At Quality Cleaning, we know what it takes to be successful in business, that is why we built a highly qualified team to make sure we always exceed your expectations. 

Quality Cleaning can help you with any cleaning task, whether it’s deep cleaning carpets or flooring, or removing odors. We can help you make your warehouse or workspace look great. We use the best products and techniques to meet your needs.


Quality Cleaning can clean any industrial facility, whether it’s the warehouse or the front office. Our industrial cleaning specialists create a positive and clean environment in your facility. We work around your schedule to ensure that your operation is productive. We understand the safety requirements of manufacturing and distribution plants and can tailor a cleaning plan to meet your specific safety standards.

With Quality Cleaning, you get more than just sanitation. You will receive the best protection. Our expertise combines food safety, chemical products, sanitation expertise, and regulatory compliance all in one. Our highly trained workforce of regulatory compliance specialists and food safety experts is skilled in ensuring your plant is safe, on time, and audit-ready.

Medical & Dental

Rely on the Industry Leader in Healthcare Cleaning Services

Quality Cleaning recognizes the importance of providing safe, comfortable, and healthy care for patients, staff, and visitors. Each healthcare facility that we visit requires us to take the most thorough cleaning approach. We have the tools and expertise to deliver consistent results that meet all your requirements, from hospitals to medical offices.


Patients’ satisfaction is key. Our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program will help you create a comfortable and clean environment for patients.

These are the services that our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program offers:


Our cleaning and disinfecting standards were developed using industry-leading practices. So you can be focused on what’s most important, taking care of your patients, we will take care of your daily cleaning needs and disinfecting.

To recognize best practices and procedures as published by:

School Facilities

Education facilities should provide safe, clean, and healthy learning environments. No matter whether students are attending an elementary school, university or college, they should be able and able to concentrate on their subject matter. Quality Cleaning clean uses a systematic cleaning process to clean educational facilities. This is a way to ensure the safety of your students as well as your staff. We offer a wide range of services to fit your budget, including high-level disinfection and daily cleaning. We can help you to comply with all regulations. The combined experience of our team of professionals in cleaning educational facilities exceeds 60 years. They are well-versed in the unique requirements of these spaces. We are available to clean your school over the weekend and overnight so that students and teachers can feel safe.


Even children as young as three years can transmit germs. Children as young as three years old can spread germs easily. This is why it is important to keep them safe and clean. Quality Cleaning provides comprehensive cleaning services to ensure that daycare centers, preschools, and other facilities are safe, clean, and sanitized. Our preschool and daycare cleaning professionals can clean every part of the building, including bathrooms, classrooms, and hallways.


A clean school can help reduce sick days for students and teachers and improve student learning experiences. Quality Cleaning provides school cleaning services. We’ll take care of all the cleaning so teachers and students can learn.


Clean, well-maintained buildings and facilities will make it easier for students, faculty, as well as staff to learn. Our university cleaning specialists have the knowledge and experience to clean places that are used often, such as classrooms or science labs.

Our bank and financial cleaning services protect employees and guests from the spread of bacteria and germs in your facility. Our coeur d’alene cleaning is highly skilled in cleaning these types of facilities. Each facility has unique needs that require special attention.

Our school cleaning professionals have years of industry experience. We will focus on the hotspots in order to reduce cross-contamination. Everyone deserves a healthy, safe environment.

Airport Cleaning

Quality Cleaning Services can assist customers in many industries, such as aviation. Cleaning airports take a lot of expertise. Our airport cleaning crew can handle both exterior and interior cleaning. Our airport cleaning team understands the volume of traffic airports receive and is committed to ensuring that they are safe for all passengers.

Quality Cleaning Services has the experience to cater to the needs of airlines and airports. We will use the best products and methods to make sure your company is complying with all applicable industry regulations.

Learn more about our cleaning solutions for the aviation sector.


Despite rising fuel costs, the cost of flying commercially is dropping. The international commercial aviation market has become fiercely competitive. Customers are fully aware of this fact. Quality of the overall experience will determine whether or not you retain and win passengers. Your airline will benefit greatly from the support of Quality Cleaning. We are able to scale operations quickly across multiple service lines because of our Quality Cleaning team. We pride ourselves in our ability to create efficiencies by following global best practices and providing excellent service that respects aircraft turning times. Our team of skilled, courteous workers ensures excellence in all aspects of aircraft maintenance, including the care and detailing of interiors. We also assist passengers with compassion and care.

Our coeur d’alene janitorial is well-equipped with the necessary products, techniques and tools to ensure your aircraft’s interior meets OEM standards. All interior services for commercial aircraft can be provided, including those listed below.

We can clean the inside of your plane. The following options are available to clean the interior of your aircraft:

We will complete any cleaning services you have requested for your aircraft's interior. Cleanliness is a benefit for passengers and flight crew.

Quality Cleaning Services supports aviation businesses in creating safe and clean environments. Our team will customize a customer experience based on their individual needs. We can provide expert recommendations for aircraft cleaning. Contact us to learn more about our aircraft cleaning service.

Business & Bank Facilities


Our cleaning specialists will visit your premises to discuss your requirements. Next, we will create a cleaning plan that meets your specific needs. We’ll work around your schedule so your clients don’t have to be interrupted. You can schedule services at the frequency you want. We are always available for you, no matter how often you need us.

Cleaning your financial institution doesn’t cost a fortune. High-quality Cleaning bank cleaning will give your financial institution a professional, confident look.

For financial institutions with unique cleaning needs, commercial cleaners are needed to provide better service. Special training has been provided for financial institutions to ensure security and cleanliness.

Quality Cleaning bank cleaning service is respectful of your workplace’s safety and security. Your local franchise owner will visit your workplace and keep you informed about their activities. Cleaning franchises require cleaners to wear uniforms and clearly identify themselves with ID tags. This allows cleaners and managers to easily identify each other.

Government Facilities

The government buildings are a service to the community

This civic duty means that the facility is often visited by foot traffic. It is your responsibility to ensure that everyone who visits your facility has a pleasant, safe, and healthy environment. Quality Cleaning recognizes that every building has unique cleaning requirements. No matter what your responsibilities are, we can help you develop a customized cleaning or janitorial program to suit your needs and budget.


Cleaning government buildings should be done with care. This will make it easy to prepare your facility for visitors and guests. Quality Cleaning uses great cleaning products to achieve high-quality results. We also use meticulous processes. We work when it is most convenient for you and follow the best practices of the FDA, EPA, CDC. Our electronic timekeeping system and documented inspections ensure consistent quality.


It can make all of the difference to have a great first impression.

Retail is all about details. Details such as the cleanliness of your bathrooms, or the neatness of your floors can make a difference.

We help you make a great shopping experience

It can make all of the difference to have a great first impression.

No matter whether your shoppers shop in a brick and mortar location or online, they demand the best shopping experience. A positive environment is what customers expect and they will walk out if it distracts from their goods. These expectations put retailers in a difficult position. It is important to maintain both your physical store and your eCommerce distribution centers. Quality Cleaning will be your warehouse maintenance company. This will allow you to concentrate on selling, shipping, keeping your employees safe, and maintaining your inventory.

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